Plans Released in the Last Week

Training, June 09, 2019

These are the training plans that have been released to all embers of the Qwik Kiwi Tribe this week.

In the last week there have been two key programmes written and released.

Running Base Building 6 Week Training Plan

Running Base BuildingThis programme is designed to progress someones running over 6 weeks as they build an aerobic base and get ready to join one of the specific event plans. There are three variations of the programme:

  • For runners currently comfortable running for 30 minutes,
  • For runners currently comfortable running for 45 minutes, and
  • For runners currently comfortable running for 60 minutes.

These programmes start off with three run sessions and a flexibility session each week. As you work through the training plan the run sessions get longer and also more intense, as well as having a fourth run session each week added in towards the end of the plan.

Injured Runner 4 Week Conditioning Plan Maintain Your Fitness Whilst You Can't Run

This programme is designed to assist maintain your aerobic fitness through cycling whilst you are injured. Although this programme is cycling focused, the concept is that it works on your aerobic function whilst you progress through your rehabilitation programme put together by your physiotherapist or other sports medicine professional.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will either be ready to return to running or may require to move onto another cycling based programme to further develop your aerobic fitness whilst you are unable to run.


To gain access to these training plans and start following them become a member of the Qwik Kiwi Tribe.